Snowblind, by Christopher Golden

Snowblind Cover, by Christopher Golden

Snowblind, by Christopher Golden

The New England town of Coventry is no stranger to bad weather in winter, but one blizzard in particular will be remembered for years to come. In this particular blizzard, people die, and under the most mysterious circumstances. Was it natural, or something more? Jake, whose little brother Isaac was killed in the storm, has convinced himself that it was just a natural event, that Isaac simply fell to his death out of his bedroom window during the storm. The icy hands that seemed to clutch at Isaac through the window screen and pull him to his death? Surely those were the nightmare memories of his younger self, images created by his grief in losing his little brother. Detective Joe Keenan was a beat officer then, one who saw two children die in that storm, and who has never gotten over the loss. Sometimes he wonders why one of the boy’s father disappeared in the storm without a trace, but figures his body was simply lost in endless drifts, and never found. And yet, Jake and Joe wonder, in the dark of the night, when they are all alone with their thoughts…maybe, just maybe, events cannot be explained so simply. Maybe, just maybe, something more terrible than the storm came to town that terrible day, something evil and deadly…

“Snowblind,” by Christopher Golden, is the type of story you do not want to read alone. Even if you read it in a room full of people, you will feel the bite of the bitter winter chill, and the menace that taints the blustery blizzard wind. This is a story of something mysterious, something waiting beyond your rattling door and frost covered windows. Something that can turn your nightmares to ice and freeze your screams in your throat.

I’ll admit it–I’m not a fan of horror stories. However, I read this book because I was a fan of Christopher Golden’s other works, namely his Peter Octavian series. (Which isn’t really horror, as anything with vampires I consider to be Darn Fine Fiction.) And this book blew me away. Chris Golden creates characters I care about in this book, characters who are touched by the initial terrible blizzard and changed by it. Twelve years later, the blizzard returns, and these same characters are given a chance to confront their fears from the last storm, and perhaps, for some of them, they can face this new storm so as to change their own fates as they come to understand the fates of the ones they love.

I highly recommend this book, especially if you like the works of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Christopher Golden is a heck of a writer, and I hope that this book gains him the recognition his deserves.

Advanced reading copy provided by Netgalley. “Snowblind” is available January 21, 2014.


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