Five, by Ursula Archer

Five, by Ursula Archer

Five, by Ursula Archer

A woman’s body is discovered in a meadow, with numbers and letters tattooed on the bottoms of her feet. Detective Inspector Beatrice Kaspary from the local homicide squad determines that the tattoo actually gives map coordinates. Still, police are baffled…what does it mean? Kaspary and her team realize that the coordinates are meant to locate a geocache–a sort of treasure hidden for hobbyists to find. The treasure they find at the tattoo coordinates turns to be a man’s severed hand. Now, the hunt becomes much more serious…the team may now be tracking a serial murderer. More geocache coordinates “clues” are found, revealing more body part treasures at each of the sites. Somewhere during the hunt, the killer takes note of Beatrice, and suddenly the quest to find the person responsible takes on a much more ominous tone.

This book was set in Austria. Some of the Scandinavian mysteries I’ve read are a little off-putting to me due to how they dwell on local culture or political issues, to which I cannot relate. With this title, I did not have that problem. I genuinely liked this book; it is a clever, skillful debut, complete with a likable heroine. I thought the geocaching spin was fresh and inventive. I look forward to more of the author’s work.


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