A Killing at Cotton Hill, by Terry Shames

A Killing at Cotton Hill, by Terry Shames

A Killing at Cotton Hill, by Terry Shames

Samuel Craddock, retired police chief in the town of Jarrett Creek, Texas, gets a late night call from his elderly neighbor, Dora Lee Parjeter. Dora Lee is worried that someone is spying on her, but Dora Lee has a long history of calling Samuel with groundless fears. Yet, the next morning, Dora Lee is found dead, stabbed to death in her own kitchen, and Samuel Craddock is left with a terrible case of guilt. Since the town’s current chief of police is known to be an incompetent drunk, Samuel takes responsibility for investigating Dora Lee’s death. The prime suspect is Dora Lee’s grandson, Greg, and Samuel is pretty sure the kid isn’t guilty. Samuel starts digging into Dora Lees affairs, and finds that she is deep in debt and has a parcel of discontented family members. Soon, Samuel has his hands full with trying to keep Greg out of jail, getting Dora Lee properly buried, and keeping her family matters in some sort of order while trying to find her killer.

This is a terrific debut novel for fans of Agatha Christie. It is a gentle mystery, that is, one without graphic violence or situations. Yet, this is not a group of knitting circle ladies solving a mystery. This is a good, solid mystery with a serious, intelligent investigator. Samuel may live in a small town, but he’s capable of solving big crimes. The other people in the town are well-developed, interesting characters. And there are cows! I love cows.

I look forward to more Samuel Craddock mysteries. This is book one of what is already a four book series.


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