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The Wild Robot, by Peter Brown

One fateful day, a ship is caught in a hurricane and sinks, but not
before five boxes are thrown free to float away. Four of the boxes
meet an untimely end on the rocky shores of a distant island. The
fifth box makes it to shore before it breaks open. The island otters
search the box and push a button. Out pops Roz, a shiny new robot, now
activated and awake. Roz does not know how robots are supposed to act,
but she does her best. All Roz knows is she feels lonely and wants to
make friends. All the animals are afraid of Roz, and Roz has to learn
to be wild in order to gain their trust. When Roz tries to care for a
orphaned gosling, Roz realizes she needs even more help to ensure he

“The Wild Robot” is a lovely book, and one that begs to be read aloud.
Peter Brown is a picture book author and illustrator, having won a
Caldecott Honor for Creepy Carrots! Readers will relate to Roz as she
tries to not only survive, but thrive on the island. Roz is the
ultimate outsider, and if she can make friends with otters, beavers,
dear, and squirrels, then the children who are reading the book
certainly can. Marvelous.


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