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Written in Red, by Anne Bishop

Written in Red, by Anne Bishop

Written in Red, by Anne Bishop

When we first meet Meg Corbyn, she is cold, desperate, and on the run. By chance, she sees a help wanted sign, and in her mind, a job means money, and money means safety. What she doesn’t know is that the job is for Liaison for the Lakeside Courtyard, one of the business districts for the Others. Meg may have not know who the Others were when she started her job, but she soon learns. The Others are beings out of myth, who have established communities where humans and Others can mix in safety. Humans that do not honor the boundries of the Courtyard are eaten. (Literally.)

Meg, acting as the Courtyard Liaison, starts to build relationships with other members of the community. Her primary dealings are with Simon Wolfgard, a shapeshifting werewolf, but she also a favorite of Erebus, an aged vampire, and Tess, a mysterious woman with terrible powers. Her new friends do not know that Meg is hiding a secret; she is a blood prophet, or cassandra sangue. By cutting her skin, she can see the future, and her prophecies are of great value. When it is suspected that the Courtyard is harboring her, the Courtyard draws the attention of dangerous people. Now, the residents of the Courtyard must make a choice…do they protect Meg, or do they let go?

This urban fantasy is a good addition to the genre. Meg is an intereting character, and I loved the Others, who really are not afraid to bite. This book may appeal to those who read titles by Kim Harrison or C.E. Murphy.


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