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Fortune’s Pawn, by Rachel Bach

Fortune's Pawn, by Rachel Bach

Fortune’s Pawn, by Rachel Bach

Deviana Morris has one goal: to become a Devastator, an armored guard and fighter under the direct command of the Sainted King of Paradox. But to become a Devastator, a girl has to get a serious reputation, so Devi sets out to do just that. With her own Lady Gray armor, Devi can kick ass better than just about anyone. She joins Captain Cardswell’s ship, The Glorious Fool, because he has a reputation for finding himself in the deepest of trouble, and overcoming trouble will help Devi achieve her goal. At first, Devi is sure she’s made a mistake, as her first days on the ship are boring, without a hint of trouble in sight. But then, trouble arrives, and in spades. Devi soon finds herself dealing with angry aliens, mysterious missions, invisible creatures, and muddled memories. And to top it all off, Devi finds the most confounding trouble of all: Devi finds love with the hunky ship’s cook, Rupert. Can Devi manage all of the drama and turmoil and stay alive to become a Devastator? Can she and Rupert be happy in spite of it all? Devi is sure going to give it her best effort, but even her best effort may not be good enough.

I loved this book! This is a space opera with interesting aliens, love, and lots and lots of fighting. This was the type of story that made me fall in love with science fiction stories in the first place. As I read, I had that giddy, happy feeling that I felt while reading my favorite Andre Norton books when I was younger. I know that the latest scifi books try to be different–grim and gritty or stories told from an unusual point of view. I like those, yes. But I loved the scifi of decades past, and this book recaptures all the best qualities of some of those books. I look forward to more titles from Ms. Bach. I’ve already read the second book in this series, titled “Fortune’s Knight.” It’s just as good, and I’m ready to dive into the third book, “Heaven’s Queen.” Very enjoyable, and highly recommended.

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