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George, by Alex Gino


George, by Alex Gino

George is a boy with a secret: on the inside, George is a girl. She manages to hide her secret most of the time, but it makes her miserable. Her class is planning a play of the classic story, Charlotte’s Web, and George wants nothing more than to audition for the part. She loves Charlotte, feeling a special connection to the character. But the role of Charlotte is a girl’s part, and George isn’t even sure she will be considered. Family, friends, classmates, teachers, and school administrators all play a role in the drama that is George’s life as she tries to become a part of the class play. This is a beautiful story, delicately told from George’s point of view. The message is not heavy handed or preachy, rather, this story is like any other story of a young person trying to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world. Which, I believe, is exactly the point.

This title is on a sensitive subject, but it is very well handled. Suitable for grades 4 and up, this is a book I highly recommend.

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